Available Cats/Kittens

Updated February 1st, 2023.

I do take in applications and spot deposits for the upcoming litters.

If all goes as planned with our queens we will have kittens born early March 2023 and ready for homes in June/July give or take a couple weeks. I don’t plan on retiring any cats next year, but that could change.

In the time while waiting for a ragdoll Cat/kitten, if you have facebook join Ragdoll Groups to get familiar with the breed.  Keep a notepad handy for questions you would like to ask during our facetime/WhatsApp video chat.  

For info on finding the PurrFect Pedigreed Kitten go to The International Cat Association Website:


https://kootenayragdolls.ca/testimonial/reveiws/(opens in a new tab)

Go to Reserving and purchasing ragdoll kittens for all the information, including a application.