Products used at Kootenay Ragdolls

Wood pellets you can buy any brand, these ones are from Canadian Tire. They are clean, you can flush number two’s. No dust, smell like wood. They don’t clump, you must use a sifting litter box. When the pellets get wet they turn to sawdust so you just sift though to the bottom tray and switch it to the clean bottom underneath. You can go to a pet store and buy their wood pellets for a much higher price, but they will work the same as the ones you use for a pellet stove for heating your home. I find my cats/kittens are cleaner and healthier than when I use to use clumping litter. They no longer get litter stuck to their paws and track though the house.

This sifting litter box is my favorite. Purchased from Canadian Tire for about $35.00 It has the right sized holes for the wood pellets.

The metal comb is the best for Ragdolls. You can get a regular soft human hair brush for the kittens.…

These cat trees have held up well. With cat tree’s I believe you get what you pay for. In my experience the Catit brand is good quality.

I like this one, so do the kittens, the fabric does come off the edges after about 1 year of good use.

I use glass and stainless steel. Plastic dishes tend to give them chin acne.

Filtered water only. Kittens tummy are sensitive so the treated city water or even well water with lots of minerals can upset their tummy.

Royal Cannin food. I give wet food in the morning between 7 to 9 am and 5 – 7 pm about 1/4 of a can per serving for a 12 – 14 week old kitten. Dry food is out 24/7 for them free choice. All the dishes need to be washed/sanitized daily. Kitten food until they are 1 year old. Your vet may want you to change earlier if kitten is getting overweight. Ragdolls are to have a chubby belly. You should always trust your vet first. I am not a nutritionist, vet or have any degree in that area.

These toys provide hours of fun and can be purchased at almost every pet store. The blue one is great for kitten training to scratch cardboard. I like to use Catnip spray and spray the scratcher’s .