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About Ragdolls

Anyone who has ever been lucky enough to own a ragdoll cat has probably come away singing the breed’s praises.  Indeed, a mink ragdoll kitten is equal parts fluffiness and sweetness, making them almost a perfect pet.  Even die-hard dog partisans cannot help but be charmed be the mink ragdoll kitten’s affectionate temperament and luminous aqua eyes.

Ragdolls are also larger than many other breeds of house cat, and their average weight ranges between 12-22 lbs.

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The mink ragdoll is a specific sub-breed of ragdoll cat.

Contrary to some rumors, mink ragdolls are indeed purebreds and the breed is officially acknowledged by the SBT (Studbook Tradition) and the International Cat Association.

Our History and where we are located   

We are located in Jaffray B.C. With Little Sand Creek running through the middle of our farm. Jaffray is halfway between Cranbrook and Fernie of the East Kootenays. I fell in love with the Ragdoll Breed when we purchased our first Flame point female. Her personality is so different from the barn cats we have. She loves attention, wants to be apart of whatever we are doing in the house. She loves to play fetch with her favorite play mouse. Sassy became my companion in the house. I did a lot of research and decided I would become a breeder to protect, preserve and promote this wonderful breed.

My research included health concerns as well.

All our cats are negative for FIV, FeLv, and HCM, as well as PDK1. Since then we have grown our cattery to include: Queens April, Lacy and Aspen. We have King Alex and King Moka.

We are Registered with The International Cat Association (TICA).


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Reviews from Happy Ragdoll Kitten Families

Michele Boss  recommends Kootenayragdolls.ca.

We could not be happier with the newest addition to our family! Lori was so responsive and helpful throughout the whole process. She was even able to FaceTime with us so that we could meet the kitten from afar, which we really appreciated. She would keep us updated on his progress and provided a lot of adorable pictures. She ensured that the kittens were looked after both socially and medically (with regular vet checks), which was really important to us. Thank you so much!

Loralie is an amazing breeder. She really cares for her kittens and is wonderful to talk to. We purchased a sweet little girl from her and she’s absolutely beautiful. Loralie even went the extra mile to deliver our girl to us, which we are extremely grateful for.
We definitely recommend this breeder to anyone who really cares for their animals, because Loralie is a breeder who expresses much love and compassion for her animals.

Image may contain: cat
Image may contain: cat
Loralie Meeuwsen Thank you Anna, she looks so happy.

Lori is a kind, caring and knowledgeable breeder who has assisted us through out the process of setting up a home for our new family member.
As a person who only grew up around dogs it has been a wonderful reassurance having Lori help with all the stages of helping raise a well adjusted, well trained and happy healthy kitty.

Ilana Coetzee, Kimberley, BC


We got such a sweet baby girl from Lori! I totally recommend anyone looking for a sweet tempered kitten, to contact Kootenay Ragdolls. Lori is a wonderful breeder, and babies her kittens until it’s time to send them to their new homes. She delivered our kitten right to our home when I wasn’t able to drive to get her. Getting one of her rag doll kittens was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Kootenayragdolls.ca Thank You Elaine, I couldn’t be happier knowing she has a great family. This is the best part of being a Ragdoll breeder, knowing I am preserving, protecting and promoting a beautiful breed.

Michael Ramos  recommends Kootenayragdolls.ca.

January 8,2020

We can’t say enough about how wonderful a breeder Lori is! Right from the get-go we could see how kind and caring she was towards her cats and also very knowledgeable about the ragdoll breed. From FaceTimes, to pictures, to updates about vet visits, we had full trust that our kitten was getting the best care and was in a great environment. Lori answered all of our questions and went above and beyond preparing all the necessary paperwork we would need, as well as extra information and tips. We absolutely love our kitten! She is so sweet, curious, and gentle. We could not be happier with the whole experience and would highly recommend!

Kootenayragdolls.ca Your recommendation gave me goosebumps 😍 I am so proud of my Ragdolls. 😍 thank you Michael

We just got our beautiful ragdoll kitten. Lori was so wonderful to deal with. She sent lots of photos and updates and clearly loves them so much. She really went out of her way to bring our beloved new kitty to us. I couldn’t recommend Kootenay Ragdolls and Lori more.

Kootenayragdolls.ca Thanks Suzy I love getting pictures of her playing with her family

In Love with our new baby 😍😍🥰💕❤️💕❤️ I may be a little bit prejudice when I say” Lori is an amazing crazy cat momma”, being that she is my sister. But I have seen first hand how she cares for all her furry friends. The time and love she puts into all of them is amazing. Her records for each one are immaculately in order. Anyone who purchases a furbaby from her will not be disappointed.

Kootenayragdolls.ca Thanks Sis, I know he has a wonderful home and I get to see him anytime.