Kitten’s and their families

Updated March 1st, 2023

Hi Loralie, here is a review that I’m happy for you to share on your website: 

Poppy joined our family in November 2022 and has quickly become a much-loved family member.  She is the sweetest and friendliest cat I have ever met.  She runs to greet us at the door and always wants to be around us, whether she is snuggling with the kids on the couch or trying to sit on my keyboard when I work from home.  I truly believe that Poppy’s good-natured temperament is a result of the loving start she received in Loralie’s care.  Loralie was so kind during the adoption process.  As first time cat owners, we appreciated Loralie’s knowledge and the time she took to make sure we were ready to take the best care of Poppy.  We are so grateful to have found Kootenay Ragdolls!Thank-you, Corrine  ( Poppy is Heaven & Drisco’s kitten )

Hi Lori,  Happy New Year! Hope you enjoyed the holidays! I’m sorry it took me a while to respond, I had a very busy December. Both kitties are doing SO well.

I have been spending the last few weeks getting settled here and spending time with family and friends. Arlo is quite popular with everyone, he is a true extrovert and charmer. He could not have been a better fit. Arlo’s confidence has really helped Blue come out of her shell.

Everything has been going so well with the two of them. It took a bit of time for Blue to fully accept Arlo as her brother, but they are now are inseparable. Both have had recent health checks and passed with flying colours. 

I would like to thank you for doing such a great job placing Arlo in my home. He is truly a one of a kind cat, not afraid of anything, the biggest love bug, and always involved in whatever is going on in the house (aka always in the way lol!)

Hope everything is going well with you – I would love an update on your life! Many thanks, Caitlin B

Blue & Arlo below.

Hi Loralie

I apologize for the late response. It has been a busy few weeks! I would love to be able to write a review for you to use. As you can see from the pictures of Piper she has grown quite a bit since you last saw her. Piper’s transition into our family was seamless. We honestly could not have hoped for things to go better. She is truly such a gift! She is playful, inquisitive, loving, and gentle. We can’t thank you enough! The time, energy, and love you gave her was clear. We couldn’t help but tell everyone who met her what a great experience we had from beginning to end. We appreciated all the pictures of her as she grew and your willingness to answer every question we had. When we are ready for a second Ragdoll you will the first person we contact. Our hearts are full❤️ Happy holidays Jessica

Piper at about 9 months and 14 weeks old Dolly and Drisco’s kitten born March 30th, 2021

From:Kathy P

Date:Monday, December 5, 2022 at 10:50 p.m. MST Hi Loralie…sorry this is so late.

This is late but I wanted to say how amazing my experience was with Loralie at Kootenay Ragdolls!  I have two of Loralie’s kittens.  I got the first one in Dec 2018.  His name is Loki and he has such a wonderful personality!  He loves to play and be around people.  Lizzy came to live with me this past May.  Loralie picked her out for me as she knew I already had 4 cats nd Lizzy would be a good fit!  When Loralie brought Lizzy to my home, Lizzy walked in like she owned the place!  All the cats get along and they bring so much joy to my home.  Loralie spends a lot of time with her kittens so they are well socialized.  If I could, I would get another kitten from Kootenay Ragdolls!!  My baby Lizzy is almost 10 months old and she is gonna be a big girl.  She has the most wonderful furry coat  and is beautiful! Thanks so much Kootenay Ragdolls!

I have enclosed some pictures of both Loki and Lizzy.  Feel free to use all/any of them on your site!

To: Loralie Meeuwsen Sun, Dec 4 at 5:29 p.m.

My family would like to thank Loralie for an incredible experience being partnered up with our new kitty, Willow. We were provided excellent customer service. In all honesty, Loralie went far and beyond not only answering all of our questions, but, teaching us all about our kitten before and after receiving her. Willow was, and still is super healthy, and well adapted to our home. I can seriously say Loralie matched us up with the perfect addition to our home@ Thanks for all, Chris and family

I hereby give you permission to copy the above review to any location you feel fit. If i misspelled anything, please feel free to correct, or redact your name if necessary. Chris Hooge

“Kootenay Ragdolls provided us with impeccable service and gave us a long-life loving companion. Loralie is incredibly caring breeder. There are no words to describe how happy we are with our kitten. He is pure joy!”  Thanks, -Leon  (Nova & Drisco’s Kitten Miles name changed to Zeus)

Daniel Nov 30th, 2022

We received Justice when he was a tiny kitten of 12 weeks and weighing a meagre 1.5 kilograms. Justice sat on my wife’s lap for the three hour trip home, absolutely content for the entire trip. He took to his new surroundings almost immediately and has been a source of constant joy in our lives.  Justice is now over 9 months old, 4.5 kilograms, affectionate, playful and accepting of anyone who steps into our house. We have had no health or behavioral issues with Justice. Loralie did a marvelous job of raising and preparing our kitten for his future life and I have no hesitation in recommending Loralie and Kootenay Ragdolls. She does a wonderful job. Daniel B -( Lacy & Drisco kitten named changed from Scottie to Justice)

Hi Lori, From: In Hye Dec 1st, 2022

Thanks for reaching out! Kiki is doing very well. I’m happy to provide a review for you to share on your website/FB. Please see below:

My experience with Lori and Kootenay Ragdolls has been nothing but positive. Lori was extremely helpful and quick to respond to my questions. I appreciated all the updates she provided so that we could watch Kiki grow up until the week we got her. You can tell that she really loves her kittens and wants to find loving homes for them.

We picked up Kiki at the Vancouver airport when she was about 12 weeks old. From day 1 in her new home, Kiki has been playful, affectionate, curious, and of course, fluffy and adorable. She loves to cuddle and has to be wherever we are in the house. She always greets us when we come home, and is very chatty, especially during mealtime. She is extremely friendly to any visitors, and all of our friends and family who meet her just adore her. She is so sweet and having her curled up on the couch beside us has added so much joy to our household. Thank you so much! In Hye L – Heaven & Drisco’s Kitten Kiki

Hello Loralie From Robin Nov 30th, 2022

Our two Ragdoll kittens from Loralie adapted well to their new home with their two 7 year old Sisters, one of which is a Ragdoll and that’s why when were looking to expand our family we chose Ragdolls. Mocha and Luna are very healthy growing quickly and their colours are darkening. They are playful and energetic, but that’s why we decided to get two, to keep each other company. They have learned a few bad habits from their elder sisters joining them for the pre-dinner pestering. It is now Christmas and the tree is up but they have only investigated they have not otherwise bothered with the tree or the decorations.


On a side note for you…we discovered it’s best not to allow adult cats to eat wet kitten food. Our Ragdoll Misty got into it one night before we had a chance to pick up the dishes…she was a very sick kitty for a few day, vet thinks the higher fat content triggered pancreatitis. She recovered well.

I took the attached picture a couple of days ago shortly after I caught them bathing each other.

Robin Mocha & Luna – Nova & Drisco’s Kitten’s


We could not be happier with our kittens from Loralie. From day 1 Loralie was extremely helpful and the care she takes with her cats is evident right down to the details. The process of getting our kittens ensured we were a good fit which I think is crucial for both the cat and guardians. I felt so confident about the health of our kittens and our vet was very happy with the information Loralie provided. Our kittens are warm and friendly and so trusting. They are extremely playful and already answer and come when they are called. They are best friends to my young children and bring so much laughter to our house. We now understand why Ragdolls are such a revered breed -they truly stand apart from other cats in their temperament and beauty and I would only go to Loralie for a Ragdoll. The care and attention she gives them helps set them up for a lifetime of love. Thank you so much for everything Loralie.  – Lisa G (Dolly & Drisco kitten Kaya & Lacy & Drisco kitten named Cookie)

Cookie & Kaya

Stacey Whalley  Thu, Aug 4 at 6:11 p.m. After doing a lot of research we were lucky enough to find Lori. From the start I knew she had a special interest and love for the ragdoll breed and really cared about where her kittens were going,and the environment they would be in once they left her exceptional love and care. She was excellent about responding to my multiple inquires and we decided to get two kittens because we know our other Ragdolls have always bonded to each other and were happier for it. Both of them are a perfect example of what Ragdolls are known and loved for. They are so affectionate and well behaved while being playful and entertaining . They are of course beautiful and we are looking forward to adding another to our family in the spring we have gotten so much joy from these two! I can’t recommend Lori enough. She is the third breeder I have dealt with over the past 25 years and she is amazing not only with her kittens but to have as a person with so much knowledge and wisdom about the breed. Thank Lori for all you do and we look forward to our next baby! Stacey Whalley (Dolly & Drisco Kitten Emma a Seal bicolor mink. Ive & Simba Kitten Roxie Blue mitted traditional)

Hi Loralie,

Hoping this finds you well on Canada Day!

I thought I would provide you a review of Kootenay Ragdolls that you are most welcome to post. My only ask is that you not post my last name for my privacy. I’ve also attached a photo of Miss Blossom for you. I absolutely LOVE her! 

From the moment of first contact until Blossom came home, Loralie at Kootenay Ragdolls was a delight to work with. It is obvious that she cares deeply for her cats and kittens and her work is truly a labour of love. 

This is not my first Ragdoll kitten but it was certainly the best experience I’ve had. I was updated regularly with photos and videos. I truly appreciate that Loralie ensures that the new pet-parents of her kittens will provide a safe and caring home. 

Blossom came to me fully socialized, confident, and fierce! She is truly a delight. She arrived healthy and  happy (she came out of her crate making biscuits!) She is snuggly and loving with all the classic traits of the Ragdoll breed.

All of her paperwork and records were neatly organized in a folder, with items in her crate to keep her comfortable for the drive. 

Thank you Loralie for all that you do. 

Lori B


Mon, Jun 27 at 9:12 p.m.

Hello Loralie!!

Time has completely flown by! Luna and Nikkō are completely settled in. Ryan and love them both so much! You can really tell home much love you showed them. I have written a review. Feel free to share it wherever you like. The pictures too.

Kootney Ragdolls is one of the best experiences I’ve had with a breeder.  Loralie is so organized and professional; she really is on a other level. I showed the files she provided to our vet and they said they had never seen a breeder so organized and thorough. The love she has for what she does and her cats is absolutely clear in every video I’ve seen and interaction with her. 

Nikkō and Luna are just the sweetest cats! I’ve had Ragdolls before but these two are certainly special. Luna will announce her demand for pets long before she makes it to the room your in. Once she arrives you have to be prepared to spend at least 15 mins giving her the attention she deserves. Nikkō is mischievous and loves to be into everything. He’s my little desk buddy while I’m working. My husband and I are so happy to have the both of them in our home and life! I hope Loralie is still doing this in 15-20 years because I hope I can get more cats from her once mine have lived a full and happy life. 

Thank you Loralie!!

From: Lily Longmore To:Loralie Meeuwsen Fri, Apr 22 at 3:38 p.m.

Hi Lori! I hope you and your family are doing well. I’m so sorry for the wait, things have been crazy lately. I thought it would be a cute idea to send you the first picture I ever took of Mochi, and then the most recent one. Mochi has grown to be a beautiful, healthy, and cuddly kitten. We adore Mochi with all of our hearts and it’s all thanks to you! Mochi is the most perfect kitten we could have ever even dreamed of. She is still a rambunctious and curious kitten. And always finding herself in the silliest situations! Even when we took her to the veterinarian office to get her shots, they wanted to keep her! She’s so sweet, and friendly to guests and friends, treating them like her own family. I would recommend your business to anyone looking for a Ragdoll. I also loved how we could see new videos and pictures every week! It was so exciting! Anyway, I just wanted to update you, and say thank you. I hope you have an amazing day! -Lily longmore 

To:Loralie Meeuwsen Mon, Mar 7 at 11:38 a.m. Ken Pitt We’ve had our boy PB (born Milo) for over a year and are so amazed by him every day. He is smart, sweet, healthy, and so athletic!  Everyone who meets him adores him, and gets along well with our other cat who is around the same age.  We have no dogs, but he has met two friendly dogs and was not afraid of them.  Car rides and vet check-ups with PB are all very smooth, and he even accepts baths and grooming without complaint. We can’t imagine being more pleased with him. Thanks Kootenay Ragdolls!

Please use the following as a review for your cattery.

I highly recommend Kootenay Ragdolls and their cats if you are considering adopting a purebred Ragdoll.  I have adopted 9 purebred cats over the past 20 years, and without hesitation believe that Loralie was the breeder with the most interest and investment in the home where her kittens were heading.  The care and socialization our kitten had before she came to our home was obvious.  Cocoa is a healthy, confident girl who has been accepted into our current brood of three other cats and a dog.  We really enjoy her and couldn’t be more pleased. You can be confident you will receive a lovely, healthy addition to your family.. Take care, Rochelle

Deborah Johnstone  (copied & Pasted from facebook)

Thank you Loralie for the most amazing kitten!!

I’ve had cats all my life and Otis is my 5th Ragdoll. Of all the breeders, Loralie is the best by far. She loves breeding Ragdolls and it shows. Her kittens are raised with her and her husband playing with them and caring for each and every one of them. As a result, the kittens are playful, loving, well socialized and full of character. Not to mention fearless. Like most Ragdolls, when we brought our little boy Otis home, he deferred to the other two cats in our house but he showed no fear. It took a bit of time for our two girls to accept him but now they all play together.

I can’t say enough good things about Loralie and her kittens. I highly recommend her as a breeder. Her kittens are healthy and you can tell they come from a good genetic lineage. From the moment I put down my deposit, she interviewed me to see if the kitten would be going to a good home. When the kittens were born, she sent me a facebook invite so I could see all the photos and videos of the kittens as they grew. She includes videos on how to prepare your home for your kitten as well as tips on care and feeding. She also chats with you to get a feel for the personality of kitten that would most fit your home and family. When she finally assigns you with your kitten, it’s so exciting because you’ve been watching them grow from the day they were born. Loralie also sends home your kitten with a blanket that smells like home, a big bag of toys as well as a book with all the kittens paperwork. You also have the option of signing up for a free month of Trupanion Pet Insurance. Nothing is overlooked.

Our kitten Otis has the most incredible personality. He is a rambunctious, hilarious and loving ball of fur. We couldn’t love him more. Thank you again Loralie


Aino Mon, Feb 14 at 4:37 p.m. Hi Lori, here’s a review for your website!

I’ve had a lovely experience through and through. Lori was always helpful and informative, and receiving videos regularly of our kitten made everything even better! Getting hold of her was easy at all times and it was not at all difficult to see her dedication for her cats. As an added bonus, Lori had a bunch of very educational videos on her Facebook page where she listed what brands she used for her kittens’ food, litter and the rest.

We’ve had our kitten, Loki, for almost three months now and he’s exceeded all my expectations! Everyone, and I do mean everyone, loves him. He’s gorgeous and has the best personality I’ve ever seen on a cat – my husband says the same and he’s had cats his whole life. Loki is sweet and cuddly, spends hours purring on our laps, sleeps his nights curled up against my leg in bed and always wants to be where the people are. He’s also very chatty and always greets us at the door with happy meows whenever we come home. He has just the right amount of energy and playing with him is great fun – if you throw him a ball, he fetches it and his favorite way to hunt is by hiding under my dress.  

All in all, the experience has been so great and painless that if I ever cave in to kitten fever again, I know where to turn. Thank you, Lori!


Hi Loralie I wanted to write a review for you so please feel free to post on your site.

My entire experience with Kootenay Ragdolls has been excellent. I have been very happy at how much Loralie cares about her kittens and the homes they find their forever homes in. Everything was well organized, calm , and pleasant. Loralie is extremely helpful in sharing her knowledge of kittens and their care and needs.

As for my kitten Tasha,  I can’t say enough positive things. She is beautiful, healthy , energetic  sweet, well socialized ( to people as well as typical household noises) and LOVES to cuddle.

It was truly a very positive experience from beginning to end and I am so glad I chose Kootenay Ragdolls to get my fur baby from.

Caitlin Burma  recommends

Lori is an amazing breeder. It is clear she is very knowledgable and goes above and beyond for her kittens. The process was smooth from the beginning to end. I was able to FaceTime various times to see the kittens leading up to the day I picked up Blue. I was given a take home package with food and toys, along with a booklet with all of Blue’s vet checks, spay certificate, registration etc.

Blue had no problem adjusting to my home. She was a bit shy at first but became comfortable quickly and has grown to be the sweetest kitten that loves to cuddle and show affection. She can also be rascal at times. She loves to play – her favourite toys are balls and taught me to play fetch with her lol. She loves to explore and is curious about anything I am doing around the house. It’s never a dull moment with her around.

My vet was very impressed by Blue when I took het to get her 3rd set of shots and checkup. It is evident Blue came from a great breeder with really nice tempered Ragdolls. I highly recommend Kootenay Ragdolls to anyone looking to add a Ragdoll to their home.

Thank you Lori!


Good morning, thank you for asking how our .precious Muffin has adapted to our family. She has to be the most laid back kitten we have had and is the centre of our household. We are thrilled to have her and we can not understand why the first person ,to purchase her could not love her as we do. Craig is sending you some photos and we can keep in touch.

Renee Roufosse  recommends

Honestly, the kitten we received has been the most amazing new family member… we feel so blessed to have this incredible little guy to be a part of our family.. we have never met a more gentle, kind, easy going love bug of a cat! Our boy has been the most beautiful, kind, wonderful cat ever! I’ve gotten so many comments about how lovely he is from people that have told me “they aren’t cat people” .. my children are autistic and the only breed of cat I could find that was recommends was a ragdoll, and I’m so pleased that Loralie was able to help us and let us have one of her gorgeous spectacular kittens.. he’s been so kind and patient with the kids and they have learnt so much from him too.. I can’t say enough wonderful things about him, and our experience with Kootenayragdolls has been just fantastic! If we ever plan on getting another kitten, I know exactly where we will go first! ❤️❤️❤️ thank you so much for helping us get a new family member and for breeding the most spectacular kittens around, not only are they stunningly beautiful they have the kindest most wonderful personalities… he’s been my shadow and is always interested in the kids games! 🥰😍❤️ we are so grateful and blessed to have him 🤩❤️❤️❤️🥰 ( Copied and Pasted from Facebook picture of Magnes below )

Tiffany Au  recommends

Hi Loralie, We are home, safe and sound. Ostara has been a very affectionate and purring addition to our household.We have registered for Trupanion, as you suggested, and have booked her first visit to the vet in Victoria. Thank you for providing us with such an excellent fur baby, and for the supplies and resources you’ve added to her kit. It is clear that you care a tremendous amount about your animals! We can clearly tell this kitten has had the best start to her life. …


I received this though Whats App and copied and pasted with permission.

[12:57 p.m., 2021-12-29] Linda +Private+ Mabel: Words cannot describe how thankful we are to Lori.The love and care Lori provided for our Mabel is evident in how trusting loving gentle and healthy a kitten she is. Our kitten Mabel was given an exceptional health check from our vet. Mabel was litter trained well and has had no accidents at home. Mabel demonstrates all of the wonderful ragdoll traits such as gentle, loving and ‘floppy’! Her ‘mink’ coat, characteristic crystal green eyes and beautiful markings draw comments by all who meet our Mabel. She has bonded with all of our family members and at only 4 months has already trained to sit and stand on two legs on command, she’s currently learning to shake a paw and fetch!The love Mabel has already brought into our home in this short time is immeasurable. The gratitude we hold for Lori is immense. From start of the adoption process to end (and beyond) Lori was kind, informative and very transparent. The FaceTime moments for us to get acquainted with Mabel while she was still with her mother in Cranbrook were wonderful. The thoughtful adoption kit given with full medical information were professional, helpful and thorough. Mabel is our second ragdoll and Lori should be very proud of the litter, love and training she provided while they were in her care. With sincere thanks, Mabel’s adopted family in white rock bc[1:04 p.m., 2021-12-29] Loralie Meeuwsen: Oh my🥰, thank you soo much for this beautiful review 💕, I will respect your privacy requests.I wanted to keep her for my breeding plans, but I had already kept from a earlier litter. She and her siblings are all amazing. Knowing how they are turning out definitely helps in our future plans.Thanks again, Happy New Year. 😊


victoria Dec. 17 at 3:47 p.m. ( Email received Copied and Pasted Oliver’s family renamed him Leonard or Lenny for short. )

Dear Lori,
Wow! Where do we begin?
From the moment we picked him up and took him home to Nelson, it has been nothing but absolute joy and happiness!
Leonard is so well adjusted, so social, so loving and has fit right into his surroundings with so little effort. And too cute for words!!! Our two older ragdolls, Farley and Olive simply adore him.
Thank you Loralie, it’s so obvious that Little Lenny was cared for and loved before he came to his forever home. Keep up the great work…
My husband Norman and I feel very lucky to have one of your
Kootenay Ragdolls.
Merry Christmas to you and your family, take care and stay safe
Victoria & Norman


I received this through Facebook Messenger December 1st, 2021

Our dream of owning a Ragdoll kitten came true this Sept. when Lori delivered Kiki right to our house. Kiki settled into her new home so quickly which makes it abundantly clear that she received a lot of loving care and attention right from the very beginning. Kiki is a very relaxed,healthy, playful and happy little girl. She makes us laugh a lot even when she is being a bit of a rascal. Lori keeps you informed as the kittens progress with almost daily updates of pictures or videos. That is when you begin to wonder with excitement which one of those cute balls of fur will be yours. Truth is it doesn’t matter which one because each one is so beautiful. Anyway Kiki arrived with a shopping bag full of toys , her special blanket (which she still takes many of her naps on) and also a neatly assembled binder containing all Kiki’s health records etc. So when you purchase Kootenay Ragdoll kitten I assure you that any future assistance required is just a phone call away from Lori. Lori is definitely the best of the best! We highly recommend Kootenay Ragdoll to anyone searching for a reliable cattery. Thank you Lori for choosing and trusting Kiki to our loving care. She is the perfect companion for us.

😻, thank you so much for a beautiful review. Do you give me permission to copy and paste on my website and Facebook page?😀

Yes I do Lori because I didn’t know how to do that for you. I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to respond. We really appreciate all you do.

(I copied and pasted from a email)

To:Loralie Meeuwsen Sat., Nov. 27 at 3:48 p.m.

Hi Lori, 
Just wanted to share a few photos with you and write a review!

My experience with Kootenay Ragdolls has been a very positive experience and would gladly recommend Lori to anyone looking for a loving breeder of ragdolls.
We picked up Sierra from the Cranbrook airport where Lori was waiting for us with Sierra, who was 12 weeks old at the time. Having only a few hours till the flight back, Lori kindly offered to take us into town so we could grab lunch (the restaurant was closed at the airport) and take us back for our flight. At first, Sierra did not enjoy the car ride, but it was clear Lori does as much as she can to make the transition the least stressful as possible for Sierra.
Sierra adjusted quickly to her new home, is a fluffy bundle of curiosity and sociable with people she meets. She is a joy to have around the apartment. Lori is well organized, happy answer any questions and appreciates updates for the kittens in their new homes. I’m happy to have Sierra from Kootenay Ragdolls!


Thanks,Ee Ern

Kim Petryshyn

Highly recommend Kootenay Ragdolls! The love, the caring, the time and attention that Loralie spent with Willow was highly evident. Willow is healthy, well socialized, super sweet & affectionate, and adapted so well to my home. No detail was overlooked to support a smooth transition…a take home bundle with everything you may need, health records & information, and even trimmed kitty nails. So pleased, a wonderful experience…thank you Kim Petryshyn Please copy to your page with photos 🥰


Stéphanie Boccomino  recommends

I got Claire when she was 11.5 weeks old and I felt in love with her instantly!! 😻 I could see as soon as I laid my eyes on her that she has been well taken care of by Loralie.

Loralie gave me the sense of security I needed when I was looking for a Ragdoll kitten for the longest time. We FaceTimed each other so I could meet all the kittens, and she explained to me in all details about the procedures involving adoption as well as vet checks, spaying, microchipping, registration and paperwork that was part of the package. I appreciate the fact that Loralie is very knowledgeable about her business and that she provided me with all the necessary documents when adopting a kitten, putting my mind at ease.

Claire is the most loving and caring kitten I have ever had! After 2 weeks, she was already very used to her new home, surroundings and to her new mommy 😻 She follows me around the house and loves to cuddle with me. She’s also very active and playful especially in the morning and at night. Overall, she’s growing beautifully.

I thank Loralie for giving me such blessing in my life! She’s perfect!

Alex is now retired and enjoying family life.

Retired King Alexander the Great  (Alex) Traditional Seal Bicolor, born May 10th,2015. He has the sweetest personality. Alex has moved in with Christopher and Bonnie Goss in Kamloops B.C. So far it has been a smooth transition.

July 19th, 2021 Update on Alex 🙂 Copied a E-mail 🙂

Hi Loralie, just a quick update on Alex. He is doing just fine and is becoming more comfortable with his surroundings. He has accepted us ( it took a couple of weeks) but is still getting used to the noises and everyday living of the house.
He follows us around and loves to be scratched and especially loves to be brushed.
He cried at the door when Chris went outside the other day and then stood up to look out the window to see where he went…so sweet.
We don’t know what his schedule was for eating but he seems to prefer to eat at around our dinner time (5:30-6:00). We give him fresh water and dry food in the morning and a bit of wet food at dinner time. He nibbles at the dry during the day and has some of the wet throughout the night. His dishes are completely empty in the morning.
We put his harness on the other day and he wasn’t too happy with it, he tried biting it. We’ll keep trying until he gets used to it.
We are so happy he chose us for his new family. We are having fun with him and hopefully he becomes more comfortable as time goes on. I know you said up to three months and we think he is progressing nicely.
I’ve included a few photos and as you can see, he has made himself at home❤️
Bye for now,
Chris, Bonnie & Alex😺

Michelle OHara  recommends

I found Loralie very easy to work with and incredibly quick to respond to all my questions in regard to getting a male king (Moca) from her. She is always easy to get in touch with. She was upfront and honest about the time it may take for Moca to be able to trust me and settle in. She also put up with all my picture texts about foods and toys which he may enjoy. You don’t find this quality of attention in other cattery owners where you always feel like your pestering them with your questions. She vetted me very well, which gave me a reassurance she that she cared about her cats and kittens as much as she cared about me. My experience with her is one in which I am confident to say she is completely reliable and trustworthy. Moca has now settled is the most adorable soft bundle of energy, cuddles and joy. I’d get another kitty from her in a heartbeat. Thanks

Stuart and Colleen Kamstra love him!! He is going on wonderful adventures, camping & smelling lots of campgrounds. lucky Merlin. More to add after the adventures!!

“Cash” We have had our little guy now for just over two weeks and we can’t imagine what it would be like without him already! Such a sweet, smart little kitten. Healthy as heck- and so social! Loralie is the best! From the emails and FaceTime visits from the time they are born, to the information binder, food and toys he arrived with- she puts her heart and soul into her breeding program. We are so happy we found her – and our new family member, Cash! Thanks for all you do, Loralie! We are so very grateful.
Chris & Leah Carlson (Added Cash at 1 year old)

Here is Emily’s Kitten: Anubis he is in Whitehorse she says: He is absolutely wonderful and so so cuddly! follow everywhere! He’s playing lots with Ivy too! He’s wonderful, I love him so much!

“Ash” Review We have been so pleased with our experience with Lori and Kootenay Ragdolls. For us, the most telling testament to the love and care she puts into her kittens is that when our kitten arrived at the airport cargo area for us to collect, we were expecting him to be frightened and confused. After all, he had just been separated from his family for the first time and shipped in a crate in a small aircraft. Instead we found a very relaxed beautiful little kitten who was totally comfortable in his crate and with the whole experience. When we got him home and let him out of the crate he was immediately comfortable in his surroundings and ready to explore his new home. Only a well loved kitten would have the confidence to take that whole experience in his stride.
The care and attention that Lori puts into her cats is obvious. Right from the beginning when we found out we would be getting our little Ragdoll we were given frequent updates on how they were doing, with excellent photos of our cat along with the rest of the litter. We were kept up to date on his growth, vet visits and everything else that was going on. We also had a very enjoyable video chat during which we had a lot of fun seeing our cat interacting with his siblings and friends from a litter born just a few weeks later. When he arrived, there was a very neatly laid out binder with all of his health information, microchip details and other useful things for our reference.
Our cat has been nothing but a delight since he arrived at our home. We have an eight month old baby and the two are already good friends. We were worried that they would be wary of each other, but they are interested in each other and are both gentle and careful in their behaviour near each other. It is hard to stop them from playing with each other’s toys though! Our cat arrived extremely well socialised, litter trained and ready to become a part of our family.
We could not recommend Lori enough.


Bella update August 28th, 2021

Hi Loralie: Just thought you might like an update on Bella. She is fantastic. She is so happy and so smart. She has been a pleasure to train. She already has learned where she can and can not venture. She goes to the door and get her lease so I can take her out. We just adore her. With all the cats I have had I have never had one learn this fast. She is more like a dog she follows us every where and is not afraid of any situation. Her favorite is bug chasing with the dog. They compete on who gets the bug first. They have so bonded. I have attached some pictures for you.

Kittens From Lacy and April 2020 Litters

Coco, Jingles, Iver, Luckie, & October

Smokey, Tiby, Seymour, Mika, Nova, & Zoey

Margaret & Williams boy Seymour is a closet hog and has outgrown his bed.

Terry and Lisa’s: Mika and Coco

Ragdoll kittens

Seal Bi-color Male – Amber’s Iver

Thanks Amber I can see he is very loved:)

Red Ribbon (October) is Bella’s in Kamloops he is a Blue Bi-color Male

Blue Bi-color Male – Darcy and Meiri Richmond Luckie

Purple Ribbon is Heather’s in Delta she is a Blue Bi-color Female Jingles

Blue Bi-color Ragdoll Kitten
Jingles loves to watch Ice skating January 2021

Lacy and Moka’s 2020 Mink Kitten’s

Pink Ribbon – Blue Point Mink Female – Tracy in Langley “Tiby”

Tracy say’s “Tiby’s personality and gentle disposition is amazing” 8 months old in this picture

Red Ribbon, “Seymour” – Blue Bi-color Mink Male – William

Blue Ribbon “Smokey” – Blue Point Mink Male – Alan

Next bunch is Aspen and Alex’s 5 of 2020

Blue Bi-color Male – Flurry for Mark and Family in Victoria (2020)

(I Copy and pasted from a e-mail Mark sent to me, the last two pictures are from Mark.)

Hi Lori,

He absolutely loves playing, tummy rubs, chin scratches and has the sweetest way of reaching out and gently grabbing your face with his paws while staring into your eyes with his beautiful blues as if to say hello, it’s been a long time friend! He’s been known to do this even if you’ve only left the room for a matter of minutes!

We can’t thank you enough for your care and attention to how you breed, care for and raise your kittens and cats. They are all stunning and so well tempered – our little blue bi-color boy included!

Really appreciate your experience and expertise in selecting temperaments and pairing those to the families you’re placing kittens to. You were spot on with our little guy which has really helped smooth the transition for us all! He’s really attached to our daughter and her to him which is exactly what we were hoping for! We are looking forward to many years of them being best friends!!

Loved the messenger video chats, emails, pics and phone calls. We recognize how much work it all is for just one kitten let alone a litter or recently for you, three! We wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to highly recommend Kootenay Ragdolls to anyone on the search for the most amazing cat breed and kittens around! We can easily see ourselves being repeat clients in the future! We couldn’t imagine our home without our little guy and very likely a lovely little brother or sister for him from your amazing cattery!!

So privileged to help you preserve, protect and promote this beautiful breed! Believe me, we’ll be promoting our little guy and where he came from to everyone!

All the best and thank you for making the entire process enjoyable!

Including some favorite photos to date. Feel free to use them as you like!

Kindest Regards,

Mark and family!

Seal Bi-color Male Snowball – Olga and son in Vancouver

( I copied from facebook, last picture is from Olga. )

Olga I totally agree! We are also amazed every day just how amazing, gentle, soft, playful and loving our little guy is! He is very attached to my son and he loves everyone, including our puppy. He loves to be held. I never thought that cat can be that loving. Thank you so so so much! Olga you made my day, another very happy Ragdoll parent.

Seal Mitted Male Toby – Ilana and Family in Kimberly 

Below is 2019 and later

This Solid Mink Female is in Calgary living with Valerie and her family.

Solid Mink Ragdoll

Freya with her Family below. Mom says she is such a delight! Added January 5, 2019

Taken November 3rd, 2019

Seal Point Mink Female Beautie is with Irina and her family in Calgary,Congrats

Seal Point Mink (3)

Updated January 5th, 2020.  Lapochka is this little girl’s name meaning Cutie in English. They love her, they say “she’s great with kids and other pets. We enjoy every moment with her. Thank you so much”.

Seal Mitted Mink with Elaine in Cranbrook

Seal Point Mink Ragdoll Kitten

Xena is a traveler already and good at it. “She was awesome! She is such a sweetie!”

We got such a sweet baby girl from Lori! I totally recommend anyone looking for a sweet tempered kitten, to contact Kootenay Ragdolls. Lori is a wonderful breeder, and babies her kittens until it’s time to send them to their new homes. She delivered our kitten right to our home when I wasn’t able to drive to get her. Getting one of her ragdoll kittens was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Thank You Elaine, I couldn’t be happier knowing she has a great family. This is the best part of being a Ragdoll breeder, knowing I am preserving, protecting and promoting a beautiful breed.

Lacy and Moka’s Babies have gone to their homes  December 2019.

Blue Mitted Mink female is Invermere Bound: Congrats Suzy:)

Suzy Dobinski Whitty  recommends

We just got our beautiful ragdoll kitten. Lori was so wonderful to deal with. She sent lots of photos and updates and clearly loves them so much. She really went out of her way to bring our beloved new kitty to us. I couldn’t recommend Kootenay Ragdolls and Lori more.❤️


Blue Mitted Mink Female is with  Mike & Natala in Vancouver 🙂


Taken November 3rd, 2019 above

Below November 9th, 2019 8.5 Weeks old

Hi Lori We wanted to send you an update on how Kicia’s is doing now that she’s passed 6 months. She’s been growing quickly and getting bigger and stronger by the day. We absolutely love her and can’t imagine our home without her now. She has anyone she meets wrapped around her finger 🙂 Some of her favorite places around the house are the windows and her bed in the entryway where she can keep an eye on everything. She loves tummy rubs and chin scratches and loves to cuddle when my alarm goes off every morning. She always follows us through the house wherever we are, and will meow if we leave the room or if she wants to play. She gets bursts of energy throughout the day and really likes playing hide and seek with Michael. The amount of toys she has keeps growing, but some of her favorites are the most simple ones- empty boxes and empty toilet paper rolls haha. Her coloring has really started to develop as she’s gotten older. Her face and legs have darkened while her eyes have stayed bright blue. She’s absolutely beautiful 🙂 We just wanted to thank you again for raising such healthy & loving cats. Kicia continues to amaze us with how smart, gentle and curious she is. We’ve attached some photos from the last few months. Feel free to post any that you like on your website.

Blue Bicolor Female is with Lindsy in Calgary 🙂

Taken November 3rd, 2019 above, below November 9th 8.5 Weeks old

Blue Bicolor Female Ragdoll

Solid Mink Male has gone to Fort McMurry. Congrats to: Rajih and his Wife 🙂


New picture November 3rd, 2019 Above, Below Nov. 9th 8.5 weeks old

Solid Mink Ragdoll

These two sister beauties are in Castlegar together. Congrats to Isis 🙂

Isis Loran  recommends

I’d definitely recommend Kootenay Ragdolls! Lori was amazing for the whole process.I really enjoyed photo updates and Facetiming with the kittens.

Blue Mitted Traditional and Blue Bicolor Mink Females

Blue Mitted Traditional Female

Solid Sepia Mink Male is in Elkford Congrats to Brenda and Steve 🙂 “Spooks”

Ragdoll Kittens 8.5 Weeks Old

Sometimes the photo shoot is just over already, LET’S PLAY.



September 2019  

Below are Kleos babies


Michele Boss  recommends

We could not be happier with the newest addition to our family! Lori was so responsive and helpful throughout the whole process. She was even able to FaceTime with us so that we could meet the kitten from afar, which we really appreciated. She would keep us updated on his progress and provided a lot of adorable pictures. She ensured that the kittens were looked after both socially and medically (with regular vet checks), which was really important to us. Thank you so much!


Anna Lam  recommends

Loralie is an amazing breeder. She really cares for her kittens and is wonderful to talk to. We purchased a sweet little girl from her and she’s absolutely beautiful. Loralie even went the extra mile to deliver our girl to us, which we are extremely grateful for.

We definitely recommend this breeder to anyone who really cares for their animals, because Loralie is a breeder who expresses much love and compassion for her animals.


Jodie sent a email May 8th, 2021 This will be their 3rd ragdoll from Kootenay Ragdolls. I sure hope to make this happen for them. 🙂

Hi Lori,
We are wanting to add another lovebug(ragdoll) to our family. I know you do not have any little ones right now but, we would like to be kept in mind for an upcoming little girl.
Sophie and Chloe are doing fantastic and get along so well, it’s really amazing. 
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods🙂
Thanks, Jodie Vander


Call: 250-464-1744 for more information.