Aspen’s and Alex’s 2020 Litter

Below.  Time has gone by so fast with Aspens and Alex’s litter. Their families are so exited to finally have them in there arms and I am so happy for them.  Photo shoots May 20th (3.5 weeks old),  June 5th (5.5 weeks old), June 28th (9 weeks old).  The kittens tolerated the lights, brushing and kisses as we tried our best to get some great shots.  Toby turned out like he was meant for show business.

Seal Mitted Male Toby – Ilana and Family in Kimberly 



Blue Bi-color Male – Flurry for Mark and Family in Victoria

(I Copy and pasted from a e-mail Mark sent to me, the last two pictures are from Mark.)

Hi Lori,

We can’t thank you enough for your care and attention to how you breed, care for and raise your kittens and cats. They are all stunning and so well tempered – our little blue bi-color boy included!

He absolutely loves playing, tummy rubs, chin scratches and has the sweetest way of reaching out and gently grabbing your face with his paws while staring into your eyes with his beautiful blues as if to say hello, it’s been a long time friend! He’s been known to do this even if you’ve only left the room for a matter of minutes!

Really appreciate your experience and expertise in selecting temperaments and pairing those to the families you’re placing kittens to. You were spot on with our little guy which has really helped smooth the transition for us all! He’s really attached to our daughter and her to him which is exactly what we were hoping for! We are looking forward to many years of them being best friends!!

Loved the messenger video chats, emails, pics and phone calls. We recognize how much work it all is for just one kitten let alone a litter or recently for you, three! We wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to highly recommend Kootenay Ragdolls to anyone on the search for the most amazing cat breed and kittens around! We can easily see ourselves being repeat clients in the future! We couldn’t imagine our home without our little guy and very likely a lovely little brother or sister for him from your amazing cattery!!

So privileged to help you preserve, protect and promote this beautiful breed! Believe me, we’ll be promoting our little guy and where he came from to everyone!

All the best and thank you for making the entire process enjoyable!

Including some favorite photos to date. Feel free to use them as you like!

Kindest Regards,

Mark and family!

Seal Bi-color Male Snowball – Olga and son in Vancouver

( I copied from facebook, last picture is from Olga. )

Olga I totally agree! We are also amazed every day just how amazing, gentle, soft, playful and loving our little guy is! He is very attached to my son and he loves everyone, including our puppy. He loves to be held. I never thought that cat can be that loving. Thank you so so so much! Olga you made my day, another very happy Ragdoll parent 😀


I look this picture May 12th Aspen is bring them toys to play with.  They can see me moving around.  I do get told by Aspen not to wake them up. Abby and Baby Girl pictures below.


play time

Blue/Seal Bi-color
One happy Ragdoll mother  Abby and Baby Girl below will be staying with us.
6 weeks old June 7th, 2020

Abby and Baby Girl staying with Kootenay Ragdolls